Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup


In 1951, l’Ermitage du Pic Saint Loup was a private estate. More inclined to pass his time with his sheep that produced milk for Roquefort cheese, the grandfather opted to join the cooperative system, and it was at his instigation that the cooperative winery of the village was created during this year. In 1970, he introduced Syrah in the vineyard, already seeing the potential of this grape on this terroir. In 1992 that the 3 Ravaille brothers, Pierre, Jean-Marc and Xavier, took over the winery and started producing their own wines. Care to the vines and quality of the wine has significantly increased.

Earthly symbol of the power of the land, standing erect like a limestone obelisk, the Pic Saint Loup proudly exhibits its many facets for everyone to see, offering perpetual possibilities of discovery. The wines produced here are always nicely balanced thanks to a subtle marriage of noble grape varieties and different types of soils. The estate produces 80% red, 25% rosé and the rest white. All in organic farming and according to the principles of biodynamics.

The terroir of Cazevieille at 400 meters above sea level gives the wines a signature. Grapes are hand harvested from the estate's vineyards with some centennial vines. Red wines are vinified in whole bunches. Then the wines are aged in barrels.



Country : France
Region : Languedoc
Appellation : AOC Pic Saint Loup
Area : 40 Hectares
Soil : Limestone, Red Clay, Pebble
Winemaker : Pierre Ravaille
Philosophy : Biodynamic