Domaine Laurens


Laurens family has been established in the village of Clairvaux, in the heart of Marcillac valley (South-West of France) for several generations. Starting with a few hectares of vines on the steep hills of the valley, they’ve developed the property over the decades which is 60 acres today.

They’ve selected the slopes with the best exposure to produce the local grape variety called ‘Fer Servadou’ or ‘Mansois’. The vineyard is split in two different parts; one is rich in clay and iron oxide that gives the local name of the terroir ‘rougier’ (red soil). The second part is made of limestone scree that comes from the ‘causse’.

The respect of the environment is a real philosophy at Domaine Laurens. The HVE (High Environmental value) certification shows the diversity of flora and fauna in the vineyard. Grass is left between the rows and both treatment control and tillage are used to manage the plot diversity. 

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Country : France
Region : South-West
Appellation : AOC Marcillac
Area : 25 Hectares
Soil : Red clay (Rougier), Limestone from the Causses
Winemaker : Vincent Laurens
Philosophy : Sustainable