Domaine Paul Prieur (DONE)

Domaine Paul Prieur has been winegrowers in Sancerre for 11 generations. The estate is located at the top of the village of Verdigny, at the foot of the Monts Damnés hill, which is only a 7-minute drive away from the town centre.

Today, Philippe and Luc Prieur, the father and son duo, run the estate. They winery has 13.5 ha of Sauvignon Blanc planted on the limestone terroirs of Verdigny and Chavignol on soils Caillottes and Terres Blanches, respectively. They also have plots in the village of Thauvenay which contain Silex soil. The signature Sancerre Blanc of the winery is a blend of grapes planted on these three soil types. 

The ‘Caillottes’ soil is made of small limestone pebbles mixed with clay and dating from the Kimmeridgian era. This terroir is known for its aromatic intensity and airy wines. Terres Blanches is a calcareous clay with Kimmeridgian limestone. It gives wine power and complexity, a solid backbone when being used in a blended wine. Silex contains a high proportion of flint, it gives wine a rich, flinty minerality.

The winery also produce red wine made of Pinot Noir. Grapes from from 'Les Pichons', a 5 ha plot which is a monopole of the estate that was planted in the 1950s. It adjoins the domain and is located at the foothill of the Monts Damnés.

The estate's vines are cultivated in an artisanal way, organically in the process of AB certification. Weedkillers, insecticides and anti-rot treatments are prohibited. The harvest is manual. Labor is done manually. No sulphite is added to their wines before fermentation, and no wine is filtered.